The Love I Found (Ariadne Silver Romance Mystery #3)

| May 3, 2016


Alicia (nee Eugenia) is married to Damien Garvin for a couple of years when Damien is quickly sinking into alcoholism, and the ransom money is all but gone. Alicia is forced to take a night job in a restaurant to make ends meet until she discovers that she’s pregnant. She can’t bring up a child in these conditions. The restaurant owner proposes to pay for an abortion provided Alicia agrees to work for him as a “hostess”. Alicia will have none of it. She goes to a women’s shelter where Erin the manager cares for her. Alicia gives birth to a little girl named Aria and is about to call her parents with the intention of going home when Damien bursts into the premises brandishing a revolver. He is delirious when he calls Lucien Valier with another ransom demand. Will the police arrive in time before Damien makes his threats a reality and kills both his wife and child?

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