Mai Tai Butterfly (Escape to Maui Book 1)

| May 5, 2016


Mai Tai Butterfly (Escape to Maui Book 1)

Dutiful wife Nola Stevens slices open the afternoon mail and rips apart her secure, but tedious, life in Seattle. Twenty-three years ago, she moved from her father’s house to her husband’s house, never pausing long enough to get to know the woman she saw in the mirror every morning. But now her marriage is over. Her ex-husband has moved on, leaving Nola parked on her friend Malia’s sofa bed until further notice. When Malia is summoned home to Maui for her father’s seventy-fifth birthday luau, she persuades Nola to come along. Hawaii astounds her—non-stop sunshine, aloha spirit, and a brawny sculptor who challenges her see it all, do it all, and love it all. This is a three-fold love story: love of a place, love of a man, and the love of “living aloha” that makes Hawaii the very best place to start anew.


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