Personal Development: Using Life Lessons to Develop a Resilient Mindset for Ultimate Success and Endless Possibilities

| May 6, 2016


Personal Development: Using Life Lessons to Develop a Resilient Mindset for Ultimate Success and Endless Possibilities (Personal Development Plan, Personal Development Training)

Discover How To Transform Your Ultimate Failures and Regrets Into The Motivation You Need For Reaching Ultimate Success!

Success is something that we all want and failure is something that we try to avoid. Without failure, however, our success may only be as much as the vision we have when we go to bed at night. Megan DaSilva knows that success cannot be attained without first making some mistakes. DaSilva, a rising and successful 25 year old entrepreneur, transformed her life from borderline failing to extremely successful within 4 years. However, after a series of bad choices and the threat of a possible criminal conviction hanging over her head, it wasn’t an easy task.

Instead of letting failure defeat and define her, Megan developed willpower and determination to shape her mindset for the future. As a result, she was able to eliminate her destructive behaviors, leave her minimum wage job, find true happiness and become the owner of her dream business. For the first time, Megan shares her story in hopes that you, too, can learn from your past experiences and failures by shaping your emotions, thoughts and mindset to achieve ultimate happiness.

This book is the perfect guide for learning what you need to do to achieve personal and professional growth. Reading this book will create a window of opportunity for you to start thinking about what you want in life and how you will get it. You are the only one responsible for your life and if you don’t take action right now then you may very well miss out on the refreshing, mouthwatering taste of success.

Everybody has an unlimited amount of potential that is just waiting to be unlocked. You can never make a difference in your life if you don’t take the first step and NOW is the time!

What Megan’s Story Will Teach You:

  • How to Define Your Own Definition of Success
  • Overcome Fear and Leverage it to Unlock Your True Motivations
  • Why the Fear of Failure is a Positive Emotion
  • How to Use Your Talents and Passions to Live Your Dream Life
  • What Happens When You Give Up On Your Dreams
  • Megan’s 4-Step Process for Overcoming and Eliminating Destructive Behaviors
  • Much, much more!

The world is filled with all kinds of challenges and experiences that will either shape or destroy you. Which will you let happen?

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