| May 9, 2016




“The ideas were very intriguing and held my attention throughout. I found the story fast-paced and entertaining with a few thought-provoking moments. I enjoyed this for what it was; an interesting and very different kind of apocalypse story. I’d recommend it to fans of adventure tales and anyone looking for an apocalyptic story with an unusual twist to it.”

“Hard to look at water and know you can’t drink it because it is too polluted. Eerie tale of humans and the ends they have to go to scavenge water to survive.”

“Haunting, sad, and cool. Bleakly and convincingly told, with laconic characters, genuine dialog, and a sense of summer heat in the desert air, this tale of natural disaster draws readers in.”

This story follows a father and son living out a quiet life in northern Arizona. A strange occurrence at the border, and a series of events that turns the world upside down, plunges society into a spiral from which it might not be able to recover. Having to flee from their home with a band of unlikely friends in tow, the open road beckons. Can they survive?

Haunting and character-driven, this novella packs a punch and asks a very simple question: what would we do without water?


Keywords: fantasy books male protagonist, utopian fiction, bleak, short ebooks, female protagonist science fiction, noire, spooky

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