The Write Time

| June 1, 2013


The Write Time

You Have All the Time You Need.

The Write Time will show you just how to find all the time you need to write a book. Whether your goal is to write a single book, make a career of writing, or use your book writing to help you market your current business, everything you need to know about getting it done is inside these pages. Discover your motivation to write, and examine the obstacles that currently stand in the way of accomplishing your goal of writing a book. Learn the strategies you need to overcome those obstacles without adding additional stress to your life.
Reduce, Eliminate, or Combine Activities
You’ll examine the way you currently spend your time, the priorities you have, and find ways that you can reduce the time spent on what doesn’t matter to you so you can focus on what does matter. You’ll also look at areas where you are spending your time that don’t make sense in light of where you’ve decided you want to be, and eliminate what you can to free yourself for your writing. Finally, you’ll look at the things that you should never compromise on and then find ways to combine those activities so that you open up additional writing time.
A Road Map for Writing Success
When you start applying the tips inside this book, you’ll find that you really do have all the time you need to write. You’ll achieve more and feel better about your life and your future without adding any additional stress to your life. Plus, you’ll chart your own personal road map for writing success, create check points to help ensure that you reach your desired destination on time, and get more out of life than you ever imagined you could.
Achieve More, Feel Better
Learn to schedule the time into your day for you to write, eliminate the distractions that reduce the amount of time and attention you give to your writing, and prepare yourself ahead of time so you get the most of your writing time. You’ll learn to how to make the most of your writing appointments, evaluate your failures to find the lessons for success, and handle procrastination when it arises.
Based On Experience
Based on the author’s own experiences in learning to take control of her time and in finding the time to write no matter how busy your life or your schedule may be, she offers the practical guidance and help you need to succeed!



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