Cave Of Forlorn (The Shabb Series)

| June 1, 2013


Cave Of Forlorn (The Shabb Series)

Authors Note: After receiving feedback from some of my readers, I took the opportunity to use my new editor to review this first book in the Shabb Series. She did an excellent job and the results speak for themselves. Third Edition, released April 1, 2012. (98,503 words).

The King is dying. Demons have slowly taken over and their last task is to kill the King. For the kingdom to survive, the prophecy must be fulfilled; the daughter must be summoned. The King is reluctant because his first daughter was killed by assassins. Hidden away since before her birth, the King’s daughter has no idea of her true identity.

Gweneviere, a local girl, known for her innocence, charm and honesty, is chosen to find the daughter, give her a locket, and send her to the castle. She reluctantly embarks upon her journey traveling with a few trusted companions and protectors. In her innocence, she is hoping to be home by lunch, after all, it sounds like such an easy task.

Wolves are the essence of legend in the Kingdom. Imagine their surprise when the first stranger they meet is a young woman, brandishing two swords and traveling with twelve wolves.

The assassins want to kill Gweneviere, the army wants to capture her, the Queen wants to hold her for ransom, cave-dwelling Cerberus wants to eat her, and the Encantado (changeling) can’t decide what he wants to do.

Then there is the whole matter of the wizard who faked his own death so he could retire in peace. You know he has to get involved in this somehow.

Gweneviere must succeed or all is lost. Unfortunately, loyalties sometimes change with the wind.


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