Two Wrongs

| May 12, 2016


Two Wrongs.

Miles and his brother Alec were honest men; they had a thriving business that was exciting and dangerous. The day they decided to steal millions in gold from one of their clients, saw the formulation of a plan that was also exciting and dangerous.

Their motivation, they would forever admit, was greed. Their choice of victim was a seasoned gold thief whom they reasoned, deserved a taste of his own medicine.

The brothers agreed they needed one more partner, their friend Luke, also an honest man.

The first part of the plan was executed successfully and the next leg took them to the South of France to meet up with their women at the villa.

Then the wheels fell off. The victim, a financier for a terrorist organisation, discovered the theft and vowed to recover his gold and exact retribution.

International security agencies, including the CIA become involved as they had been poised to thwart an international weapons deal organised by the terrorist group.

The three friends followed their own plans, to take the gold into Spain to sell it.

The friends are separated for a while and have to fight to stay alive, their new goal is to trade the gold and meet up again at the villa.

Gripping action escalates as vengeful terrorists pursue them with murderous intent. They had not foreseen bloody conflict with ruthless killers any more than they had foreseen disruption to their plan for instant wealth.

Their whole outlook changes when a friend of theirs is brutally tortured to death; they too know the bitter taste of vengeance.

A full on action thriller, violent men, dangerous situations, women tough and tantalising!

‘Two Wrongs is fast-paced and entertaining.’ S J van Wolde

‘A tremendous thrilling read’ P W P Greenwood

‘The main characters are interesting and likeable and the twists and turns of the story make the book difficult to put down. A great action story, highly recommended!’ J R

‘Would make a wonderful, action packed film.’ Joanne Gega

‘I feel like I’m there in the middle of all the thrilling action, it is so vivid. If you want a good action story this is the book for you.’ S J van Wolde

‘Very fast paced novel; there was never a slow point throughout the whole book.The Characters were great and the three main ones jumped out of the page. I would highly recommend this book to those looking for an action packed read. The author has a great ability to put the reader at every scene in the story to make it even more compelling.’ Nasreen Ahmed

‘Wow starts great and gets better and better. ‘Mrs J L Wright

I would love to have you read my book, if you love action packed stories as much as I do, please read Two Wrongs: hear the bullets, smell the blood, feel the pain and kick some ass!

My intention here is to entertain my readers and make the reading experience a pleasurable one. I want you to visualise my characters the way YOU imagine them so I never describe every wart and whisker. That way it’s easy for you to identify with the story, the plot and the characters. Don’t you agree? Larry Igbon.

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