7 Day Quick Start to Green Juicing

| June 1, 2013


7 Day Quick Start to Green Juicing

The Complete Guide to Getting Started Juicing, Why It’s Beneficial, Along With a 7 Day Green Juice Plan

Do you want to lose weight? Have more energy? Detoxify your body? Improve your skin, hair and nails? Do you just want to be healthier? This book is for you! So how can you achieve one or all of these benefits? The easiest and healthiest way is through juicing. One of the best things you can give your body is a glass of fresh green juice. Actors, supermodels, and athletes are all doing it. It’s not a secret anymore. And it doesn’t cost thousands of dollars. You can do it too, in fact, everything you need to know about juicing can be found in this book.

The 7 Day Quick Start to Green Juicing is the complete guide to juicing. You’ll learn:

Benefits of Juicing. Juicing isn’t just for weight loss or cleansing. Juicing vegetables and fruits offers immune boosting and healing benefits as well.

What’s The Best Juicer for You. There are hundreds of juicers on the market, which can be very confusing, all is simplified for you to make your decision easy.

How to Juice.

Strategies to Help You Save Money on Produce.

7 Day Juice Plan + Shopping List. Seven green juice recipes to make your transition to juicing an ease.

Tips to Help Prevent Produce Waste.

A Complete Chart on Fruit & Vegetable Flavoring. Fruits and vegetables all have different types of flavors. You’ll learn their flavor groupings (tart, sweet, bitter, spicy, earthy and more).

A List of Fruit & Vegetable Substitutions.. Depending on your location or the time of season some of the vegetables and fruits may not be available, this list offers comparable substitutions.

The 5 Step Green Juice Formula. How to make endless juice combinations in 5 steps.

Free Bonus. Special bonus to help support you on your juicing journey

And much more


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