The Wrecking Crew (Janac’s Games #2)

| June 1, 2013


The Wrecking Crew (Janac's Games #2)

Janac’s back… and there will be games – so what will you do when it’s them… or the woman you love?

Psychotic Games

Drug baron Janac has unleashed a reign of terror in the South China Sea to fund his battle for control of the Australian narcotics trade. When he attacks an old cargo ship on an evil night off the Indonesian coast, it seems he has also found the perfect victims to exploit with his psychotic games.

Last Voyage

Phil Hamnet and his wife Anna are sharing a last voyage before the arrival of their twins. Hamnet escapes Janac’s attack, but Anna is taken and held hostage to ensure first his silence, and then his cooperation. But when Janac’s rogue ex-Special Forces crew attack more ships and men start dying, Hamnet has to decide if he can continue to sacrifice the lives of unknown sailors to save the woman he loves.

Living Nightmare

It’s an awful decision for anyone to have to make, but for a man who’s already had the same dilemma – tormented in a lifeboat, adrift in the vastness of the Pacific Ocean – it’s a living nightmare.

Janac’s first appearance was in Mark Chisnell’s suspense thriller The Defector, a #1 thriller at and

The Wrecking Crew is an action packed adventure – see for yourself, read the opening chapters with ‘Look Inside’.

The Wrecking Crew has topped the Amazon thriller charts in Germany.

Reviews for The Wrecking Crew

A real ripping yarn… begging to be made into an all-action film.

Qantas in-flight magazine

It’s a great escapist yarn with Janac a really nasty villain who gives Hamnet untold grief. I enjoyed this one.

Hawkes Bay Today

I found it impossible to put down.

Boating New Zealand

Perfect for summer reading.

CityMix Auckland


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