So You Think You Know…LONDON? 101 Interactive Multi-Choice Questions & Answers

| June 1, 2013


So You Think You Know...LONDON? 101 Interactive Multi-Choice Questions & Answers

Over the centuries, London has been home to Romans, Danes, Normans, Saxons, Stuarts and Tudors to name but a few.

It has been burnt, pillaged and bombed but still manages to survive.

Its unique history has fascinated both Londoner’s and visitors alike and it is this history that forms the basis of this book.

Some of the questions you will find easy to answer; others will seem pretty difficult. Most will fall somewhere in-between.

I hope not only to test your knowledge of this great city but also to impart little known facts that will inform and educate as you work through the book.

Most of all, I want you to be happy that you purchased it.

Enjoy the quiz!


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