Swept Up by the Spirit Journey of Transformation

| May 12, 2016


Swept Up by the Spirit Journey of Transformation

Since the world, the flesh and the devil are such formidable adversaries continually trying to distract, mislead and block us from God’s plan for our life only true conversion to Jesus and the radical empowering of the Holy Spirit can deliver us from their grasp. Most people have no knowledge that this is the very key to their life.

Swept up by the Spirit, Journey of Transformation is an eyewitness narrative of actual events in everyday settings, told just as they happened, recounting a radical transition from worldly choices, no faith, and rescue from near devastation to the Glory of God’s Kingdom and the active pursuit of His will.

The book is filled with the ultimate discovery – the Holy Spirit’s presence and redemptive involvement in ordinary life, often with the most extraordinary ways and results. Does the Holy Spirit still interact as powerfully in events and lives of present day people- in the very moment? Just like the Acts of the Apostles! Join us on this transformation journey of a lifetime and allow the Holy Spirit to lift you to new heights and awareness that may astound you. Perhaps, for some, your own dilemma,encounter and solutions may well be waiting for you in these pages- an “aha” moment away!


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