First Launch Profits: How I crushed it with my first digital product launch

| May 15, 2016


First Launch Profits: How I crushed it with my first digital product launch (Work from Home, Internet Marketing, Entrepreneur, Make Money Online)

For me there is no better business than selling a digital product.

The Benefits of having an online business:

    • No boss.


  • No stock.



  • No staff (unless you want to).



  • You can work from anywhere.



  • You can create a product as little as in a day and market it.



  • You can sell your product while you sleep.



  • Money goes directly into your Paypal.



  • The whole planet is your market.



Maybe you have an amazing idea for a product that could be of good value to others but you just don’t know which steps to take? That’s how I felt when I was starting out. Sure there are many experts and “gurus” out there that could tell you all about how to make money online and launch a product. But take this book as a tip from someone who is just slightly in front of you but still made money. Not some billionaire who probably has forgotten how it was to be a total newbie struggling to make his first dollar online.

Sometimes it’s better to learn from someone who is just 1-2 steps ahead of you. You connect with someone who is almost at the same level as you. Not someone who throws out words and concepts that you have never heard of before and expects you to know all kinds of software, terms and concepts and then maybe wants to charge you way more money than a 5$ eBook.

This is the story on how I generated over $5,000 with my first digital product never having done it before.


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