The Golf Club (A Jim Ashford Mystery)

| May 16, 2016


The Golf Club (A Jim Ashford Mystery): Mystery and Suspense

The Witherle Woods Inn has been a favored guesthouse to many visitors of Castine, on the coast of Maine. James and Giselle Godfrey have made the place inviting and restful, and that until the day Kathleen Evans is found murdered in her room. She was in possession of a winning lottery ticket, which soon becomes the motive for this bloody killing. She was bashed over the head by a nine-iron golf club. Her friend, Damien McEwen, a journalist of some note in Belfast, has followed her in this holiday. Inspector Ashford finds their relationship a little suspicious. Was Kathleen running away from her abusive husband or was she running away from having to share her winnings with anyone?


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