The Anonymous Gift (The Green Eyed Wraith Trilogy Book 1)

| May 16, 2016


The Anonymous Gift: Supernatural Thriller (The Green Eyed Wraith Trilogy Book 1)

Kendall is a promising criminology student at Elmhurst College. She’s just starting her senior year, but life on campus is getting off to a rough and rocky start. She’s been having reoccurring nightmares about the Fletcher building’s fourth floor library. The Fletcher building has always been surrounded by rumors of strange events and sightings, but Kendall never took stock in ghost stories. She’s a logical thinker who rests comfortably in the dominance of pure rationale.

Yet, even her rationale mind starts to unravel when a mysterious package arrives at her dorm room door. Her roommate Tiffany urges her to open it, even though they both have no idea who it’s from. Reluctantly, Kendall complies and finds the package is filled to the brim with books on criminology and necromancy. She’s quite interested in the criminology texts, but Kendall doesn’t see any significance in books that deal with spirits and ghosts.

Her mind quickly changes when her roommate comes up missing, along with several of the books. These strange occurrences can’t be a coincidence and Kendall starts her own investigation around campus. Each person she talks to only serves to present more questions instead of answers. Where is Tiffany and why did she leave at the beginning of the semester? Are the rumors true about ghosts in the fourth floor library? Is there a connection between Kendall’s strange dreams and the stack of necromancy handbooks that were mysteriously delivered to her door? Find out in “The Anonymous Gift”, Book 1 of The Green-Eyed Wraith series.


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