The Path of the Fallen

| May 16, 2016


The Path of the Fallen


“This book will grab your attention from the first sentence and you will not want to put it down until you are finished! I’m not good at writing book reviews, and don’t want to spoil the story…so…Read this book! Find out what everyone is talking about!! Lose yourself in a world so fantastically and carefully created. Get ready to be swept away by this fantastic book and grab yourself a cup of tea or hot chocolate, a cozy place to read and turn off the phone!”

“I really liked the way the story evolved and it is hard to know of the paths he must take. I am looking forward to reading more.”

“I loved this book! It drew you in right away and wouldn’t let you go. I highly recommend this book!”

“Wow! I was blown away. 5 Stars for readability, excitement and character development. It’s a sci-fi allegory of today’s society. The book is hard to put down, especially the closer you get to the end.”

Set against the backdrop of the tundra and a world desperate for hope, the journey of a young man, E’Malkai, will come to define a realm that has been broken by an evil that does not sleep. A bitter betrayal, and the inception of a war that will consume the world, forces E’Malkai to confront the past and undertake a pilgrimage that is his by birthright. Follow him on his journey and be transformed.


Keywords: fantasy books male protagonist, middle grade novels, utopian fiction, mythical creatures, bleak, adventure books for kids ages 9 12, despair


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