The Queen Anne Bedroom Set (Giiffort Street Stories Book 1)

| May 17, 2016


The Queen Anne Bedroom Set: A Giffort Street Story (Giiffort Street Stories Book 1)

The trouble between Stan and Adele Heussler might have started when Adele backed Stan’s car into their house…

Everything seems to change in Adele’s life after she convinces her husband, Stan, to buy an antique Queen Anne bedroom set. When she discovers that they can get at least twice what they had paid for the set, she decides to redecorate their bedroom without consulting him first as she usually does. Soon she makes other changes, and the happy atmosphere that had prevailed in their once-sparkling house dissolves into disarray and bickering. It isn’t until Adele happens to run into the friend who had sold her the set that she begins to question the choices she’s made and the reason her life is falling apart.

THE QUEEN ANNE BEDROOM SET is an introductory story to the Giffort Street stories.


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