Finding My Why, Ernie’s Journey…..A Tale for Seekers

| May 17, 2016


Finding My Why, Ernie's Journey.....A Tale for Seekers

“Finding My Why, Ernie’s Journey….A Tale for Seekers” is about the quest for finding meaning in our workaday lives, not in the sense of experiencing some life-altering epiphany, but rather by examining routines and obligations to realize what may be better options. Why do we get up in the morning? What really is most important to us? Where is our passion? Our everyman hero Ernest Lee Goforth discovers that the answers can be simple or profound, painful or pleasurable, buried or in plain sight. “Ernie’s Journey” is not meant to be serious literature, but it may fill in some missing links in the evolution of personal achievement. Please read it. Don and I think that you will not only enjoy the journey, but that you’ll want to pass it along to someone else you really care about!


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