The Next Galaxy

| May 10, 2016


The Next Galaxy---Author Creator of the Cinematic Book

How could I ever forget the lucid euphoria beyond the mortal ecstasy of joy. In my highest throne, I penetrated a stellar veil that surpasses the strongest form of man, into the weeping bliss of virgo. I was richer then any comfort feminism could take care in, as the royalty of a million wishes of beauty come true, her endless vanity can lavish up. As I began without a start, I came to supernatural life by a sudden stroke of something unknown that place me there. I was a person, as I am in the instance I’m able to critically think, when I became the Soul-Stuff’s origin with the abilities of its Soul-Power at the rooted core of feeling and thought. I was fulfilled as infinite spaces occupied by the everlasting that is limitless. As grand as I was, my starry skepticism, although bright, was enchantingly dim by the approach of this invincible Super-Power. It was like the fear of the father at the stellar top of the most nth authority that child me into my lowest newborn, compared to the ubiquity of its measureless holiness. I was lord of lords compared to the earthbound pupils of the fleshes school, where the zenith of this university honored me the valedictorian over my lowest stage.

—The Next Galaxy

It’s not by chance The Next Galaxy finds itself in the midst of the near-to passage of the Earth into Holier realms, where by its universal rescue, the Soul of Women, Child and Man will prepare themselves for this everlasting state.

The Homo Sapien’s greatest evolution is now at its CrossRoad. So high is such Human divination as to newly repeat the agenda of the last establishment of the Cross by the Son of God, whom are now the fathers to the Sons, the Earth Being will save, in order to rise into the galaxy of Jupiter. The saviour of this truth goes way back to the saving Jesus whose mission was to work in the plain of sin, where as the newest lords on Earth are at work in the plain of the flesh. As this overall logic serves from top to bottom, where what rules from above is obligated to provide the evolving platform for the Son to eventually become a stellar force.

And it’s by the skybound Starship of the Trinity, the waiting home of Jupiter, will eternally house the Humans today who will become the newest Masters of the Universe where its omnisciently said Gods like, Brahma, Elohim, Moshiach, Voodon, Allah, Jah, Buddha, Zeus, Ahura Mazda, Yahweh, Gitchi, Shangdi, Andromedan, Pleiadian and Krishna infinitely reside. The Human being who’ll become a ‘Star Being’ will be the all knowing enlightenment to the developing light that is being formed, to be like it, from son to Father.


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