The Good Shepherd (A Paranormal Shifter Romance)

| May 17, 2016


The Good Shepherd (A Paranormal Shifter Romance)

A lonely shepherd. A destructive fire. A shifter in distress.

William is a lonely young man tending to his family’s farm. A chance encounter with a strange, naked woman in the nearby forest makes him question the existence of magic and spirits. Unable to stop thinking about Keeper Aisling, William rushes into a raging forest fire to save her. What kind of sorceress is she? Any why does he have these feeling for her, when all she does is talk down to him and belittle him?

The Good Shepherd is the next book in a series of paranormal shifter romance stories. If you like supernatural worlds, strong, handsome men, and beautiful-yet-unexplainable shifters, then you’ll love Lacey Edward’s new romance of William the Shepherd and Keeper Aisling.

Download The Good Shepherd and discover a new forest shifter today!



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