A Quintessential Love

| May 17, 2016


A Quintessential Love (Romance Stories by Dani Reed Book 1)

Why had Alice Wilson’s plans gone so wrong? Falling in love with the written word as a child, being an author was all she’d ever dreamt about. She couldn’t wait to be the one transporting readers away from their daily lives, taking them on journeys though the pages of her books.

Only it wasn’t working out that way.

Finding herself stuck in a job she hated, with a boss who didn’t rate her work, Alice was losing what little confidence she’d had. Surrounded by colleagues who thought she was turning into an old maid, Alice tried desperately to remain true to herself, and to find an ending for her first novel.

With a serious case of writer’s block, and an ultimatum at work, she’d thought things couldn’t get any worse. That was until handsome playboy, Jared Rothman, appeared in her life. Gorgeous but irksome, he represented the very type of persona she turned her nose up at. Alice’s boss insisted that she work with Jared, under the veiled threat of losing her job to him.

How would she cope with this cocksure, arrogant upstart who seemed determined to be noticed, and would she manage to hang on to her job long enough to finish her novel and make a name for herself as a writer?

Alice soon finds there’s more to Jared Rothman than she would have ever guessed…


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