Depraved Blood: A Young Bloodsuckers Vampire Tale

| May 19, 2016


Depraved Blood:: A Young Bloodsuckers Vampire Tale

The story of three desperate, lost souls—a teenage brother and sister and a man on the verge of a breakdown—whose lives are forever changed by two ancient yet boyish vampires, one good and the other evil. Raw and moody, told with an unabashed, mature voice that breaks through the insipid twilight with taboo depravity.

Fourteen-year-old Jeremy is ready to end it all after homophobic bullying and violence. His seventeen-year-old sister, Janis, is stressed and binge eating to cope with loneliness. And then there’s Paul, who is middle-aged, broke and hopeless—with nothing left to lose. Will the ageless, pansexual vampires, Sethos and Constantinos, save them or sentence their souls to eternal damnation?

“Dark, witty, subversive… It’s like “Twilight” with balls and a brain… Reminiscent of the early work of Poppy Z Brite… Makes me want to become an Emo vampire! Sure to appeal to the nonconformist bohemian in all of us.”

—Shane McFlicker, LGBT Blogger

“The story takes you on somewhat of an emotional roller coaster…The author is imaginative, and that’s good at a time when books can be carbon copies of each other. I love the fact that this story deviates from the norm…Whether you love it or hate it though, it is a book that will spark emotion and opinion!”

—Teresa D,

“…I got offended and it takes a lot to offend me…I cannot get some of these images out of my head and they make me want to curl up in my bed and WEEP.”



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