Non-Negotiables: High-Speed Guide to Achieve Your Goals

| May 19, 2016


Non-Negotiables: High-Speed Guide to Achieve Your Goals

This is a book for thinkers — who need to ACT more powerfully.

It is a book for action-takers — who need to THINK more clearly.

Whether in business, sports, or life, we all need to set goals and achieve them. But when faced with challenging situations, we often resort to just picking what seems to make sense, and then trying to work harder than everyone else at it. Quantity. Effort.

There is a better way. NON-NEGOTIABLES.

There is a formula, a controllable, repeatable process for success — 4 thinking filters, and 5 clarifying questions — which can reliably set you on a targeted path to consistently achieve your goals.

How To Use This Book

This book is constructed of “motivational poster-style” pictures that represent key steps in learning how to use the “Non-negotiables” goal-setting process.

Like a motivational poster on a wall, you should absorb the visceral and emotional impact of each image, and think deeply about the idea each suggests. Linger on each page.

Use the images to help lock important ideas into your memory for recall. Draw your own version of the “4 Filters” on a piece of paper. Write down the “5 Critical Questions,” too. Own the process.

Access the FREE page-by-page video walk-through. Use it to gain personal clarity, or to instruct others in efficient goal-setting.

Read. Think. Act. Achieve!

Get “Non-Negotiables: High-Speed Guide to Achieve Your Goals” today.


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