Sales: Stop Whining, Start Selling!

| May 19, 2016


SALES: Stop Whining, Start Selling!: The Exact Science of Selling in 7 Easy Steps (Sales, Sales Techniques, Sales Management, Sales Books, Sales Training, Closing, Closing Sales)


This is sales training with a difference. This book will guide you through the ABC’S of selling and show you techniques which are practical and useful, yet not frequently applied by most sales individuals – giving you the edge on your competition and even your colleagues.

Significantly improve your selling ability immediately so that the next time you answer a sales call, deliver a sales pitch or speak to a prospective customer you will be able to apply these techniques and watch your sales figures increase from here on out.

This book will teach you how to become slick, likeable and unassuming – and how to never hard sell again! Learn how to become more charismatic and most importantly discover how to STOP selling your product and get the customer to want to BUY.

Apply the secret weapons of the top salespeople from all over the world and overcome issues that separate the average salespeople and the highest paid sales masters! Read this book TODAY and watch your figures increase TOMORROW!

Watch Your Figures Instantly Increase By Learning:

  • How to nail the first 20 seconds of a sales call and avoid the fatal mistake that most salespeople make every single day
  • How to transition from the conversation into the close without making you or your prospect feel uncomfortable
  • Why you should rethink your closing technique with these 7 tried and tested powerful strategies to close the sale faster
  • How to win business with body language
  • BONUS: 7 Proven ways to create your own luck
  • BONUS: How to make sales calls like a pro
  • And much, muchmore!

Who wants to sit in training sessions for hours or read long boring sales books when you have all the secrets, tips and psychology on how to become successful – and you will learn it all in less than 40 minutes!

Discover 7 of the most effective, powerful and researched backed sales techniques that you can begin using TODAY.

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