An Unlikely Candidate

| May 20, 2016


An Unlikely Candidate: Love Romance

Holly Reid is a student in criminology. Despite having spent her first couple of years in college partying, she has really buckled down over the past few semesters with a successful future in sight. The problem is, that she’s not quite sure how to get there! At least that is, until famous book author and criminal profiler Emerson Anders visits her class as a guest speaker.

With every other student ditching class in favor of an early spring break, Holly finds herself with one on one time with her ‘celebrity crush.’ As they begin to talk however, Holly soon finds out that a man who has such a brilliant mind for criminals is seriously lacking in people skills.

After seriously offending Holly, Emerson offers to make it up to her with a cup of coffee. But while in the coffee house, offending her for a second time means he must offer much more if he wants to win back her favor.


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