What the Heart Knows (Warren Family Series Book 3)

| May 20, 2016


What the Heart Knows (Warren Family Series Book 3)

A contemporary romance from award winning author, Regina Puckett.

After escaping a rape attempt, Emily hides away in her old family home until her sister’s best friend fakes a health crises to lure her into visiting him at his country estate. It doesn’t take long for Emily to tell Bill about her fears and the two of them finally admit to loving the other for years. It sounds like a happy ending – but nothing is ever that easy.

Bill and Emily travel from the small towns of Tennessee, to the beautiful beaches of North Carolina and then to the bright lights of New York City, as he tries to protect her from a merciless predator. Emily has it all until she slips up and makes a terrible mistake. Her unfortunate decision tears her and Bill apart. Now she’s left to face her attacker by herself, but more importantly, she has to face a life without Bill’s love.

Reviewed By Natasha Jackson for Readers’ Favorite

“Regina Puckett has executed this love story laced with tension and fear most brilliantly. I loved that everything that happens has layers to it. It makes What The Heart Knows a multi-faceted tale with depth in both the story as well as the characters. Bill and Emily have loved one another for a long time, but he’s pretending he has migraines and she’s pretending she’s perfectly fine and not being stalked by her would-be attacker. The emotional spectrum of this story goes from one end to the other, leaving you feeling afraid, frustrated, reluctant and even a bit ‘in the mood’. This is a love story filled with a ton of drama, but it never reaches soap opera proportions; it just leaves you feeling as though you’ve been through the wringer with Bill and Emily.”


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