The Blue Ridge Project (The Project Book 1)

| May 21, 2016


The Blue Ridge Project (The Project Book 1)

Murder. Secret organizations. Experimental technology. Horrific crimes…

A detective, a journalist and a rich deviant all must come to terms with their pasts as their actions set them on a collision course with each other and the sinister agency known only as The Project.

Detective Andrea Nox is embroiled in the investigation of a bizarre and violent murder-suicide with far-reaching consequences, both for Beacon City and the people who run it. However, armed with only dead ends and nonsensical clues, Andrea doesn’t have much to show for her efforts.

Then, there’s another murder.

Juggling the investigation and her own troubled past with the Police Department is no easy task, but it can’t compare to the trouble this case is about to dredge up.

Journalist Robert Duncan is visiting home after a personal crisis when the unthinkable happens and he unearths long-kept secrets about his family… and his place within it. Before long, he is going back over an old story that implicates powerful people in horrible crimes, throwing him deeper into a dangerous and widespread conspiracy he wishes he had no part in.

Frank Mortimer, disturbed son of a wealthy and influential family, has no interest in conspiracies. He only wants to take part in an experimental program that promises to make him ‘better.’ However, with the shadowy and powerful group known only as The Project pulling the strings behind the program, what he is getting better at could prove disastrous for everyone else, as a dangerous power is being unlocked inside him…

Their paths will converge in a shocking moment of murder, intrigue and clandestine experimentation that threatens to change the world itself. Discover the secrets behind THE BLUE RIDGE PROJECT…


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