Project Cyrano

| May 21, 2016


Project Cyrano: A Genetic Engineering Technothriller (Genetic Engineering, TechnoThriller)

A Discovery In The Sky, Hidden for 200 Years….

“What is that thing…There’s something there in the clouds”

In the future, Jeffrey McKusick ,descendant of a world-class geneticist and Catalina Sosa – CIA special agent – discover an elaborate complex hidden deep within the sky. With a small team, the two crack open the doors to the facility which hadn’t seen the light of a living being for centuries…or so it seems.

“Get Number 734921”

#734921…a sample in a tube – one of thousands of liquid tubes found inside the facility. The tube is delicately grabbed from a shelf to help the team decipher exactly what this facility was used for, until all goes wrong. While sorting through ancient security camera footage, the team begins to quickly unravel the mystery behind this floating sky base they dub, “Cyrano”.

“One…one of the gravity engines acted up. I think we’ve been taking too much energy from the base.”

At a moment’s notice, the team shifts from a curious research to a panic-stricken race for their lives. What really happened here 200 years ago, and why had this base been held a secret for so long? The team only wish they knew before finding themselves in the middle of the riddle, furiously trying to reverse engineer the biological mess they find themselves in. Brace yourself for the adventure as you unravel the mystery of Cyrano and its past misdeeds in this Genetic Engineering TechnoThriller.

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