The Fallen Stars (Sword of Eternal Light Book 2)

| May 25, 2016


The Fallen Stars (Sword of Eternal Light Book 2)

The Dark Lord is enraged that the shepherd is still advancing. But the destruction of Matthias, God’s chosen, is not a simple task.

Because Matthias now has a weapon.

With the Sword of Eternal Light slung across his back, Matthias strikes across the desert to do battle with the Dark Lord’s army. And the Dark Lord’s army is ready for him. In this thrilling sequel to M. D. Culper’s The Chosen, Matthias, Nimrod, Enoch and their band of warriors face the Dark Lord and the Star People head on, armed with the power of the Sword and the word of the Almighty. To use the Sword correctly means victory. To misuse it means death.

And if he is going to save mankind, Matthias must learn the difference before it is too late.


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