Let Me Help

| June 3, 2013


Let Me Help

An elderly lady has travelled across the world; across time itself to see the man she used to know, the man she used to love. She has waited a lifetime for this moment, two lifetimes in fact when you consider she knew that Ben though murdered in London is alive and well hundreds of years in the past.

This is an epic tale of Ben Milburn, murdered on the day of his engagement. Refusing to spend eternity in heaven he is sent back in time to live out his life. Only by leading a good life and not getting killed will he stand a chance to be re-united to his beloved Sam.

A fish out of water is nothing compared to what Ben is faced with but with the aide of his well meaning if slightly bumbling guardian angel he tries to safeguard Sam in the modern world whilst all the time trying to set up a new life in the past.

At first unequipped for life in the past Ben is captured in the Sahara and sold off in a slave market but after travelling across the world he eventually raised to being one of the most important men in the Persian empire. Along the way he accidentally gets himself in even more trouble and when he finally manages to have a quiet family life, his past comes back to trouble him in more ways than one.

Let Me Help tells a very epic tale but also a personal and at times funny, romantic and tragic tale set in a world that actually happened through the eyes of someone you might know.

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