Two Minute Tutorials: An Introduction to Photography

| May 21, 2016


Two Minute Tutorials: An Introduction to Photography

Two Minute Tutorials: An Introduction to Photography

Who is this book for?

Have you been putting off learning the art of photography? Do any of the following sound like you?

    • Anyone looking for an introduction to photography


  • Those putting off learning photography because of lack of time



  • People who don’t enjoy reading long technical documents



  • Individuals eager to just “get out there and take photos”



  • Those who want their tutorial to have high quality images



  • Anyone who wants to experience a new creative twist for photography tutorials



  • People who want to join a group to gain support in their creative journey



This book includes bite-sized photography tutorial lessons covering the main topics taught in intro to photography courses. They are perfect for those who are busy or simply eager to get started taking better digital photos.

Each lesson is embedded with interactive features that are viewable on Fire tablets and the free Kindle reading apps for iPad, iPhone, Android phones, Android tablets, PC and Mac. These features include a Q&A for each lesson and various “TRY IT” challenges.

Who is it for?

Two Minute Tutorials: An Introduction to Photography is for anyone who is new to the art of digital photography and wants to get his or her information quickly and in as creative and beautiful way as possible.

Why Choose Two Minute Tutorials?

These tutorials are like a photography class boiled down to its essence, and you will also gain access to a photography group on Facebook to help you connect with other Two Minute Tutorial photographers. I will be sharing additional resources and posting answers to questions.

Early Reviews

“I am truly and honestly blown away. I would come back for more [like this]. I can see you put a lot of effort in it.”
“The content is easy to read but keeps me interested.”
“Love the poem nuggets here and there”
“Right to the point but still have that soft touch [of] creative writing that keeps me wanting more.”
“it looks amazing”
” I enjoyed the poetry in there too!!! I cannot wait to get out there and find some beautiful places to photograph!!”
“[Short lessons are good]. With three kids I only have limited time to read stuff and actually let it soak in.”

About the Author

Rebecca Turk (Becky) has had a camera in her hand since the age of 5. Growing up in a small town, she could be found climbing trees and catching frogs. In college she took a few photography courses while earning a B.S. in Psychology. After college she explored her options, and in the meantime she took a job at a botanical garden. After that job, she returned to school to get an M.A.  Education in Community Mental Health, however in her 2nd year she switched programs and ultimately gained her degree in School Counseling.
Rebecca discovered that the traditional jobs in the field did not fit her personality, thus she began her great adventure that has brought her to this moment.
Reflecting back on her life, a few things were consistent. She had always wanted to encourage and uplift people, she loved to write letters, and photography and creative exploration were ever present. Thus it would appear that she had known all along who she was and her calling in the world, the trick was merely discovering how to use these things to make a living and change the world, letter by letter and photo by photo. 
[Reading rates may vary and many of the lessons can be read in less time than 2 minutes].

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