Avoidables Angels

| May 22, 2016


Avoidables Angels

When I was sent to earth, I had no idea what awaited me…

My creator summoned me. Then wiped my memory of him. Now I stood in a human body, my wings tucked into my back. The city that my angel group had landed in needed our help. Life for the people that lived here had become worse than bad.

Avoidables and Perfects are separated by discrimination. People are shunned because of their looks or various gifts. Avoidables are dangerous, living from fear of survival. Perfects are callous, living from fear of feeling.

The city is divided in two. One set of people hated the other. That had to change. They had to unite into one human race again. I would be the angel to make that happen.

Avoidables Angels is a spin off from Avoidables. You can read either book first, it doesn’t affect the story. This book follows four angels as they navigate their new bodies and their earthly purpose. If you enjoy dystopian fantasy, you’ll love this page turner.

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