The Dream Hopper (Those Whom the Gods Wish to Destroy Book 2)

| May 23, 2016


The Dream Hopper (Those Whom the Gods Wish to Destroy Book 2)

A lone wanderer is stranded in the land of dreams with no memory of his past. While searching for his origin in this volatile existence, he mends the inner conflicts and turmoil of each dreamer he encounters by helping them face their phantasms, as well as the malicious entity known as The Nightmare, whose purpose runs counter to his. In a surreal world of fantasy and illusion, the only thing the wanderer can depend on is himself.

Until he meets a familiar face among these phantasms: a woman who calls herself Angela and refers to him as Michael. He soon realizes his supposed inverse are closer kin than the dreamers; their dreams a more natural habitat than the reality he desperately seeks—and cannot recall.

Meanwhile, The Nightmare demands an end to their eternal feud. The lone wanderer is eager to engage their final encounter, but discovers his past may be entwined with his nemesis as well as the mysterious Angela, leaving him with a lingering question: is he a man stranded in dreams, or a dream mistaking himself for a man?


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