Genesis: (Dark Desires Book 1)

| May 24, 2016


Genesis: (Dark Desires Book 1)

Valerie is a young woman who has had her heart broken for the last time when she finds out that the man she was in a relationship with is already engaged to be married. Distraught, she moves to a different city and takes a chance at a different kind of love – a one night stand.

She meets a handsome stranger by the name of Vladimir who helps her quickly forget why she was so hung up on her ex in the first place, that is until she realises that he is anything but the charming gentleman his appearance portrays him to be. After making a startling discovery when left alone in his hotel room she decides to cut her fling loose.

However, Vladimir is not going to let her go that easily. No, he has to figure out what exactly it is about this woman that consumes his thoughts even when he is half way across the world.

Warning: This book contains violence and sexually explicit scenes intended for mature audiences (+18 advised)


The current copy available on Amazon as of 21 May 2016 is the second edition. It has been re-edited and revised.


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