Let Us Make Man: The Awakening

| June 30, 2017


Mankind’s origins are shrouded in the fog of a time lost long ago… it was the time of our first footprint, our first breath. It is a saga we struggle to piece together today with scattered bits of bone and rock, and with our ancient myths and legends.
The story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden speaks of that ancient time, but before that story begins, there is this story…the struggle of the first of our kind to arise from a primeval species of two-legged creatures… and of their harrowing journey to awaken in the dawn of a new reality.

Born in the cataclysm, raised with a band of ragged hominid survivors, an ascendant Adam ultimately becomes the victim of his own pride as his world collapses around him. Lured by a mysterious stranger sent to “bring him in,” he soon discovers he must escape now (with help from some unlikely allies) from a demonic underground realm of torture and death. But first, he must save his love, Eve, the girl from his vision, from a world consumed by the flames of the eternal war between Good and Evil… before humanity is lost to the dark side forever.

Follow the first humans as they battle for their very souls in a place where worlds… and realities… collide.

If only it was just a nightmare.

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The saga continues…
Forthcoming titles in this trilogy:
Let Us Make Man, The Augury, set in contemporary times.
Let Us Make Man, The Apocalypse, set in the distant future.

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