To Escape the Dead

| May 26, 2016


To Escape the Dead: A Zombie Novel

For five years the Dead and their savage hunger have been a plague upon humanity. Just what caused every fresh corpse to shake off their dark oblivion within minutes of their last breath, no one knew, but one thing was certain they always came back and they always burned with a new and deadly compulsion to feast upon the living. So when Liz awoke from a fitful sleep to the sounds of screaming, she knew once again she would have to fight to keep those she loved alive. With Charlie, an ex-soldier, and the others of their group by her side she at least knew she stood a chance to keep her sister, Anne, safe. But just how many more chances would they have left? How many more safe havens would collapse into scenes of terror filled carnage, sending them fleeing for their lives and would they ever truly find a sanctuary from the Dead, a sanctuary they could call home?


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