Harbinger Hawk (A Dylan Cold Novel Book 3)

| May 31, 2016


Harbinger Hawk (A Dylan Cold Novel Book 3)

Dylan Cold has worked his way into a job with the Brookford police department. The slow pace of being a rookie cop in a small town has him looking for a way to stand out. After responding to a routine car accident he makes a gruesome discovery, a dead baby, but no one steps forward to claim it. During the autopsy the medical examiner discovers a memory chip embedded under the babies skin and the pictures it contains are horrific, abuse of the worst kind. The implications shake the entire station to its core, but with no leads they are left waiting anxiously for a break. Dylan’s obsession with the baby and the girls from the pictures leads him to a theory about a hawk and a suspension from the force. After his instincts prove correct, neither Dylan nor the small town he calls home will ever be the same.

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