Dukan Diet Second Courses

| May 27, 2016


Dukan Diet Second Courses: Top 30 Recipes of Second Courses, Weight Loss with Dukan Diet Book, Dukan Cookbook with Pictures

Discover tasty Dukan Diet Second Courses

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Effective diet

Every day in the world more and more people become admirers of a diet from Pierre Dukan. It isn’t surprising. This diet has already managed to prove it is simple, but also a very effective power supply system. The diet allows you not only to lose extra kilos, but also to stabilize new weight for long time! Already several million people have checked it out for themselves.

Dukan’s diet is based on consumption of proteinaceous products. This power supply system consists of 4 stages, the first two are aimed which are aimed directly at weight reduction, and the second two – at stabilization of new weight.

Each stage has the name that captures its essence, and the list of the products allowed at this stage. But one rule acts on all stages: eat how much as you want, forget about calories and their calculation!!…

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn in this cookbook

    • Table Of Contents

Chapter 1 – Fish Pie

Chapter 2 – Cheese Cake

Chapter 3 – Dairy-Chocolate Soufflé

Chapter 4 – Bases for Sandwiches

Chapter 5 – Cottage Cheese Casserole

Chapter 6 – Stewed Meat from a Turkey

Chapter 7 – “Kebab” from Beef

Chapter 8 – Cutlets From a Breast

Chapter 9 – Chicken Liver with Eggs and Greens

10 – The Tomatoes Stuffed

Chapter 11 – Julienne with Chicken and Mushrooms

Chapter 12 – Chicken-Mushroom Cutlets

Chapter 13 – Salad with Chicken and Champignons

14 – Snack from a Mackerel

Chapter 15 – Chicken Together with Tomato Sauce

Chapter 16 – Vegetable Stew

Chapter 17 – Green Omelet

Chapter 18 – Pasta with Seafood

Chapter 19 – Meat Quenelles with Zucchini

Chapter 20 – Cabbage Cutlets

Chapter 21 – Chicken Grill

Chapter 22 – Whiting with Tomato Sauce

Chapter 23 – Shish Kebab from the Salmon with Cherry

Chapter 24 – Chicken Hearts

Chapter 25 – Tasty Pancakes

Chapter 25 – Tasty Pancakes

Chapter 26 – Pastrami from Chicken

Chapter 27 – Turkey Cutlets

Chapter 28 – Chicken Fritters

Chapter 29 – Chicken Breast with Cottage Cheese and Greens

Chapter 30 – Salad Easy

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