Kayndo Ring of Death

| May 27, 2016


KAYNDO Ring of Death: Book one of the Kayndo series- a post-apocalyptic fantasy, nature novel

After wars burned their world, sixteen-year-old Dayvee has only his knife and chakram to survive the clan’s training, the wilderness, and threats like mountain lions…but his malicious training leader, Nero is out for blood. His hatred will test Dayvee’s resolve, courage, and friendships. But even deeper trouble than Nero brews in the kingdom of Taluma and a Kayndo–an animal master–may need to rise to defeat it.

A must read for those that enjoy post-apocalyptic, survival, fantasy or animal stories where a character tries to beat seemingly insurmountable odds.

What other authors say about KAYNDO, Ring of Death:

Precarious Yates- author of the Revelation Ops Series:

“Kayndo: Ring of Death was one of my favorite reads of the year! Entirely engaging! Be prepared to keep the book by your side until you’ve finished!”

Nadine Brandes- author of A Time To Die:

“Terri Luckey is a master at crafting fictional cultures. Her depth of detail and intense plots will impact you long after you close the book. Days later, I miss spending time with her characters.”


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