Drawing the Sacred: Communing with the Sacred through Drawing

| May 28, 2016


Drawing the Sacred: Communing with the Sacred through Drawing - An Illustrated Journey

In Drawing the Sacred , I share my heart’s journey of connecting to the Sacred through drawing and painting, mostly in Nature.

I will show you the ancient method of Owl Eyes that original peoples around the world employ to enable their children to thrive in Nature, what some call the wild.

This method will still your mind sufficiently so that you can connect with the Sacred and see the face of God. Maybe it won’t surprise you, but it surprised the heck out of me.

Obviously, your ability to connect to the Sacred, to see the Face of God whenever you choose, will change your life. I want you to own this ability to connect to the Sacred whenever you wish.

I have shown Owl Eyes and Owl Ears to lots of people, and observed their success; I feel confident that you can master it as well.

Once you have gained a sense of place using Owl Eyes, I will illustrate a way using your right brain, which I call the Buddha brain, to draw what you see before you. Drawing in this way lets you see behind the veil of the mundane and see the revealed pure face of the Sacred. You can call the revealed pure face – the Face of God.

When you look with these eye and draw from your right brain, the ordinary becomes Sacred. Not becomes… Rather you see that when the ordinary is revealed, it truly is Sacred.

This book will help you connect to the Sacred Ordinary more than it will instruct you in how to draw. It may show you how to be an artist. What’s the difference? Ponder.

Along the way I will provide some great resources for learning to draw and will highlight them at the end of the book in the Resources section as well.

When you draw or paint what you see in front of you, you deepen your experience of the Sacred. It matters not if the finished product sells in an art gallery, hangs in a museum or on your Mom’s refrigerator. Your engagement in the process fills your heart and soul.

Drawing the Sacred contains 39 lovely illustrations. I purposefully included some that you may find quite crude. I did that to let you know that anyone can do this. And even though simple, each image connects me to the Sacred, and that’s the whole point.

You’ll read later about my ruining 1000 paintings.

If all this sounds good, consider buying the book.

May you walk in beauty,



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