Attacking The Enemy: When Panic Attacks

| May 30, 2016


Attacking The Enemy: When Panic Attacks (panic attack, panic disorder, anxiety attacks, fear, phobias, depression, mental health, mental illness, self-help)

If you or a loved one have experienced a panic attack, then you know how serious this condition is and the feeling of anxiousness throughout the process. You also realize the devastating effects it can have on you and the people around you. Know that there is hope. Fear can be conquered and so can panic and anxiety attacks.

This book will give you insight on the root cause of the problem and how to attack panic attacks by attacking the root cause.

– Uncover the symptoms of a panic attack and the outcome

– Learn the difference between a panic attack and a heart attack

– Discover ways to attack the root cause of an attack

– Witness the true story of how one individual was supernaturally healed from panic attacks

– Receive resources on where to receive assistance for you and your family, including resources for children

and much more!

Receive freedom from panic attacks! Grab your copy today!


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