The Dragon’s Roar (The Dragon’s Roar Trilogy, Book 1)

| June 1, 2016


The Dragon's Roar (The Dragon's Roar Trilogy, Book 1)

The dragons are thought to be extinct, their fearsome fire extinguished forever, their deafening roars just a mere memory, yet the Cursed Ones, humans with dragon blood in their veins, still tread the land.

Men, women, sometimes even children, are accused of being related to the beasts of old and often, if not always, executed for such a vile crime.

And it is in the cold lands of Endrand that the young Alexander Hailstone discovers how unjust these accusations are and finds himself wandering beyond Aenir’s walls after witnessing the death of his mother.

He will realise that, perhaps, he was not wrongly accused after all.


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