In the Dark of Light (The Light Keepers Trilogy Book 1)

| November 1, 2016


In the Dark of Light (The Light Keepers Trilogy Book 1)

A dark secret, a chilling past, and a terrifying future.


When Victoria discovers a shocking secret at her grandmother’s funeral, everything she has ever known is suddenly thrown into question. As she hunts for the truth about her family’s past, she finds herself caught in an ancient battle between the world of light and the world of shadows. But it’s only when Liam, a new student at her school, falls into the clutches of evil itself, that Victoria realises just how dangerous her newfound knowledge really is.


Victoria must stop the evil forces before it’s too late.

In the Dark of Light is a spellbinding young adult novel with magic, mystery, and a touch of romance. If you’re a fan of witchcraft, demons, and the world of the paranormal, then this book is for you.

Get your copy of In the Dark of Light today and lift the veil of the shadow world for yourself!

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