Man Dog Stray: A Personal Memoir of Extreme Loss and Redeeming Hope

| June 4, 2016


Man Dog Stray A personal memoir of extreme loss and redeeming hope.: memoirs 2016

Man Dog Stray is pure biography. It’s the story of one man’s struggle with mental illness, real and raw with vivid descriptions of the toll that such an illness can take on a life and on the lives of those we love. Read the story of one man as he wades through two difficult divorces, the loss of his four children, three incarcerations, homelessness, four suicide attempts, and his eventual retreat to a county on the other side of the world. Read as he tries to make sense of it al,l and as he slowly begins to rebuild. The scars remain, but there is hope, no matter what we do or how low we go. Every day is a new opportunity to make small improvements and turn it all around. If you want to learn more about the man behind the book, go to Thanks for reading. It’s my hope that sharing my story will help others to see that there’s always good, just around the corner. As long as we stay alive.


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