Ten Secrets of The World’s Best Communicators

| June 3, 2016


Communication Skills: Ten Secrets of The World's Best Communicators: A guide to taking your communication skills to the next level (communication skills, ... business communication, Leadership)


Somewhere between Socrates and Lady Gaga the art of communications took a wild and crazy turn.

A lot of us haven’t kept up.

We still think if we say it and it is wise, people will hear. We think that if we have a podium and a microphone, people will be inspired. We are confident if we craft our message correctly, people who are our targets will be hit.

This book is a crash course on the new communication realities. We understand that what worked for Abe Lincoln doesn’t work for Oprah Winfrey. We are conscious that summarizing the edicts of communications courses everyone took at college and boiling them down to e-book size won’t ensure your message is heard.

That’s why Ten Secrets of the World’s Best Communicators is different from all the rest of the literature in this field. We are less focused on the “how-to” of communications and more focused on the “why does it work?”

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