Mindfulness: How to Free Ourselves from Stress and Anxiety for a Happy Life Using the 4 Step Method

| May 31, 2016


Mindfulness: How to Free Ourselves from Stress and Anxiety for a Happy Life Using the 4 Step Method. (Mindfulness for Beginners, Yoga, Meditation, Happiness, Relaxation, Diet, Stress, Anxiety,)

Use These Powerful Mindfulness Techniques to Completely Remove Stress and Anxiety from Your Life Forever

I wrote this book for my husband and myself since we were extremely busy and stressed all the time working in demanding hi-tech jobs. I remember a critical moment when it was better to have the flu and take a sick day, than to actually go to work. During that day I decided to understand what was going on and at that point I started discovering the secrets of Mindfulness and how we can rid ourselves of everything that weighs us down. This book is for everyone that feels the way I felt, that same feeling of being trapped with no chance to escape the cycle of suffering.

Mindfulness is not a magic cure that in one quick swoop we become better people, but many small seemingly simple steps that after a period of adjustment become our lives. There are certain things we can do to help ourselves get out of those stressful situations and in this book I’ll try to go over the ones that helped us the most. Obviously there are many more things we can do, but here I will cover the basics. In the future we will publish more books in the Mindfulness series that will dive even deeper and give even more steps to further enhance our lives.

This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to practice Mindfulness in our lives by making use of philosophy, physical exercises, techniques and practical tips that will make it easy for us to experience Mindfulness and feel it’s positive and calming effects. Breathing techniques, exercises, a great selection of foods and much much more – we’ll find them all right here.

After reading this book and trying out the steps we will feel so much better and understand why Mindfulness is so helpful for a stress free life.

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Here Is What We’ll Learn:

  • Understanding what is Mindfulness
  • Learn from the great minds and cultures, like Plato, the Buddhist Monks and so on
  • How to make sure we have a positive environment to grow in
  • How to prioritize our lives
  • How to enjoy a good night’s sleep
  • How to recognize and avoid workaholic tendencies
  • How to take care of our body by eating right and exercising
  • Meditation techniques for a stress free life
  • And much, much more!

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