| June 1, 2016



International Book Awards winning author of Amidst Traffic, Michel Sauret, delivers a bold, human novel confronting the challenges of embracing faith in a world of free-fall.

Ever since he was a boy, Christopher’s parents made him jump off the tree in the backyard. This was to test his faith. Land safely and he might have enough faith to please God. But one year, Christopher breaks his leg, and suddenly it’s his little sister who seems to please their parents best. Distance grows between him and his father, especially as a sexual addiction takes root in his heart, launching him into a dangerous free-fall. Desperate for escape, Christopher looks to college, thinking he might find God on his own terms. Yet as he becomes entrenched in the secular haven of higher education, he discovers the “Cathedral of Learning” is no more of a savior than a tree. He flees once more, hitchhiking with an atheist set on his own spiritual journey. But as they end up in Selma, Alabama, Christopher and his new friend land in a church that won’t let them get away.

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