Guitar Practice: Learn To Play Like a Professional Musician

| June 4, 2016


Guitar Practice: Learn To Play Like a Professional Musician (Performance, Music Habits, Goal Setting, Guitar Playing, Practice Techniques)

Discover the mindset needed to become the best guitar player you can be and find the motivation to get over the dreaded plateaus

Perhaps one of the most difficult tasks new and experienced guitarists face is the dreaded “plateau”. This is a time during your guitar playing journey where you feel that you have reached you musical potential. The truth is there is no ceiling to your potential. You can always make progress.

Re-Ignite Your Passion For Music

Create Goals and Achieve Results

Learn to Be Consistent with Great Practice Habits

This book will go into detail about setting goals and finding your passion for playing again. Readers will re-learn the necessary practice techniques that are the building blocks to any great guitar players repertoire. You will also learn important growth mindsets to re-wire your thinking and get you motivated again. Finally you will learn about the best habits to insure your success over the long term.

Stop Wasting Time, Start Setting Goals, Get the Book Today!


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