How To Go From Shy To Popular In 5 Moves

| June 5, 2016


How To Go From Shy To Popular In 5 Moves: Breakthrough social strategies for getting more fun out of life

If you sometimes feel shy, even if it’s only on special occasions, you can forget it. This book will teach you several great psychological ploys to help you side-step any nerves or anxiety and feel totally at ease with all kinds of people in just about any social situation.

But the book is about much more than beating shyness. It’s also about equipping you with skills to help you become a more popular and sought-after person. So you’ll learn five breakthrough social strategies to help you develop a genuinely magnetic personality.

You’ll learn how to enjoy walking up and talking to people, engaging them with interesting small talk, and then steering that small talk into lively and spirited conversations.

You’ll learn easy techniques to develop an appealing voice tonality so that people enjoy listening to you, and eager to hear your thoughts and ideas.

You’ll learn how to use your body language to project yourself as an interested and interesting person, able to stand out from the crowd, even from a distance.

And you’ll learn how to develop a charismatic eye contact look that compels people to focus their attention onto you.

You could think of these strategies as short-cuts to building warm and friendly relationships with others by becoming the sort of person they prefer being with.

And the strategies are just as effective in business and networking occasions as they are at parties and social events, so you can expect to shine in meetings and presentations, and quickly capture people’s interest in face-to-face conversations.

The book is straightforward and practical, with plenty of fun exercises and home practise drills so you can get started straightaway.

Best of all, you’ll discover that getting rid of shyness is the easy part. Making yourself more and more popular is most definitely the FUN part.


John Cliff works as an NLP behavioural consultant and is a certified NLP Trainer and Master Practitioner. He specializes in helping people connect with the resources of their inner, unconscious minds. He regularly runs training programs and workshops in social confidence and presentation skills for public and corporate clients.


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