Downfall (P.I. Johnson Carmichael Series: Book 4)

| June 6, 2016


Downfall: A gripping mystery thriller (P.I. Johnson Carmichael Series - Book 4)

She pushes the blade beneath his right ear. He groans louder now, his eyes begging her. She leans in so he can hear her whisper.

‘You don’t have to thank me, my darling.’

She draws the blade across his neck. There is a choking sound as bubbles pop along the bloody opening. She rips the tape from his lips and puts it in her handbag.

‘Here they come, Todd. Can you hear them? The angels are coming.’

Praise for DOWNFALL:

‘To me it was a perfect example of what makes a good thriller. It has mystery, suspense, action and a bit of romance.’

(Jackie Roche)

‘Definitely worth more than 5 stars…I absolutely loved it!’

(Sue Wallace)

‘I really enjoyed the book.’

(Selina Trafford)


Factory owner Ben Dewis was found stabbed to death in the kitchen of the family home. His wife, Sue, was found covered in his blood, and was convicted of his murder. At the time of his death, Dewis was under investigation for embezzling the company’s staff pension fund, but the money was never recovered. Sue has always maintained that she did not kill her husband. Tom Dewis wants help clearing his mother’s name.


Wendy Barlow believes that her adult daughter was brainwashed into ‘The Church of Eternal Light’, run by the charismatic and unhinged Paul Sanza. She wants help proving that Sanza was responsible.


Grieving for his daughter, P.I. Johnson Carmichael is in a dark place in his life. Surviving on a diet of bourbon and amphetamines, he is pushing away those that care for him. D.S. Beth Taylor needs help finding the mystery woman who is killing relentlessly across the city.

Will taking on three cases distract Carmichael from the demons lurking in his nightmares?


Mystery, suspense, murder, and tragedy…Downfall is a gripping whodunit from the author of Snatched and Remorse.

Downfall is book four in the Johnson Carmichael series.


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