Deathscape (Broslin Creek)

| June 5, 2013


Deathscape (Broslin Creek)

–A never before published, full-size romantic thriller from Kindle bestselling author, Dana Marton. —

“As the danger escalates, Jack and Ashley become reluctant allies as they discover that they need each other to find answers in this brilliant psychological thriller.” amazon  review

“… sucked me in from the beginning and kept me guessing… the characters are real people–with histories and motivations and interesting quirks. Add a scary killer, some romance and you have a perfect read!” Susan Mallery, NY Times bestselling author


After a near-death experience, artist Ashley Price is compelled to paint visions of the dead. Then she paints a man buried alive and, recognizing the  surroundings, she rushes to save him.

Instead of being grateful to her for rescuing him, Detective Jack Sullivan accuses her of being in league with a serial killer. He swears he will put her behind bars. Except, the more time he spends with her, the more he falls under her spell. Can he trust her, or is he walking into another deadly trap?

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